Review of the 4 Hour Body Book


In my recent review of Dr Gayes healthy shakes I make a brief mention of Tim Ferriss’ book, the 4-hour-body diet. It’s been 6 weeks now that I follow the advice of the book, lost something like 11 pounds and I have to say.. I am a huge fan! It literally changed my perspective on diet and exercise..

The book is really huge, contains tons on information and I really don’t know where to start from.. It covers many topics and the main concept is how to get optimal results by investing the least amount of time needed. Some of the topics covered include diet, exercise and sex…

The Diet & My Results
The diet proposed in the book is an Atkins variation.  There are no caloric limits and you are allowed to eat as much as you want from certain groups of food like meat, green vegetables, lentils and beans. Carb-rich foods like bread, rice, corn and fruits are a big NO-NO. Dairy products are also discouraged except for a small piece of cottage everyday.

The great thing about this book is that it encourages you to not follow certain aspects of the diet if you are not 100 % comfortable with them. And that’s what I did. Personally I love having milk in the morning. But milk is not allowed so I looked for an alternative. The obvious answer is Kefir. Kefir is a fermented milk product that has much less carbs (lactose) than milk. Tim also recommends to avoid fruits. I still have one a day, a big apple or a banana.

Did I mention that you are also allowed to have 2 glasses of red wine every day?

A nice touch to Tim’s diet is the cheat day. Once a week you are allowed to anything and as much as you like. He also gives some sound advice on how to avoid putting weight during this day. Some of this advice includes 2 minutes of exercise before each meal (to induce your body to store carbs in the form of glucose and not fat), plenty of yerba tea coffee and grapefruit juice. Personally I have decided to have a cheat day only once every 14 days, because I have a dairy dosage and a fruit every day.

Does the diet work? Heck yeah! I have lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks. True some of this is water weight but I am sure that I have lost at least 5 pounds of pure fat. And you know what the great thing is? When you get hungry you eat! Loosing weight is easy when you are not hungry!

I love the science behind the book
What I love about this book is that it’s like 90 % pure science. Almost every claim is properly cited from a clinical study or clinical trial. And for the rest 10 % Tim tells you, “look man I tried this and I think it works. Give it a try you have nothing to lose!”

And this is where Tim’s book really stands out. There is no bullshit that somebody made out of his head. And most diets out there are like that. No science no nothing. Just some crap somebody imagined to make a quick buck.

Another great thing about the book is that the first 100 pages or something have one purpose. To explain you how your body responds to food, why the majority of diets fail in the long term, why the calories in calories out is a myth etc. This introductory part is very well written and will give you the much needed mental boost to start and stick to a diet plan.

Some other things I liked
– As I aforementioned, Tim’s book isn’t only about diet. I really loved the part about cold-showers and I have implemented them in my daily life. Now 2-3 hours before I sleep I get a 10 mins cold shower. Initially I hated them but now I am addicted! They have greatly helped with my mood and I sleep much better.
– The exercise chapter. Tim has made a great job compiling the most time-efficient workouts. They will help you get a much a better physique and don’t really require that much time.

My Verdict
I really enjoyed the book and it did help lose weight and make certain healthy lifestyle changes. It’s true that some of Tim’s claims (e.g. how he gain 34 Lbs of lean muscle mass in 28 days) are ridiculous but other than that I think it is a great book for someone who wants to make a fresh start.

My Review of Nutriplex Plus: Did it help with my knee pain?

nutriplex plus bottleHey again. Back with a new review! Today, I want to talk to you about the nutriplex plus joint formula, a supplement for people with painful joints. I have been taking this supplement for about 90 days now and I think I gave it enough time before sharing my opinion about it.

First, I want to tell you a few things about my background and why I decided to start taking this supplement. Back in my prime years (18-30) I used to do a lot of cycling. Think like 200 km a day, 5-6 times per month.

Unfortunately, it seems that I was blessed with bad “knee genes” and got a case of bilateral osteochondritis dissecans. Had surgery in both my knees and got them somewhat fixed. Unfortunately, they are not perfect anymore and I have to be extra careful with them, e.g. no running and long gone are the days I could cycle for hours and hours with a care-free mind. Of course I can disregard these guidelines but I will end up with osteoarthritis just in  a few years.. And osteoarthritis in my late 40s certainly doesn’t sound cool..

So enough with my background, I don’t want to bore you anymore. Now let’s go to the why I got Nutriplex. My daily job requires me to stay on my feet for about 5-6 hours a day. I also like to do some gardening and other stuff so I am quite active you would say. About 6 months ago I started getting those moderate knee pains after standing more than 1-2 hours. The pains would go progressively worse when I didn’t take a break, although nothing excruciating. I would define them as… extremely annoying and somewhat limiting.

Two months later, I go for an MRI to reassess the condition of my knees. The MRI showed some small cartilage deterioration but nothing major that would require immediate surgery. The doctor recommended me to wait and see, if possible reduce my activity levels (not a chance), lose some weight (which I did) and also told me to take two supplements, glucosamine sulfate and collagen. Research has shown that these two ingredients have cartilage protective properties and often reduce pain levels in patients with knee problems.

By the way, I really want to stress that these two ingredients don’t have any magic properties! Don’t expect to get immediate results or your arthritis to magically vanish! Usually patients start seeing improvement after 6 weeks. Improvement caps at around the 9-month mark. I will put some studies and links in the end of the article if you want to learn more about them.

Nutriplex full list of ingredients

Why did I buy Nutriplex Plus?
The reasons are two.

First, for simplicity. Nutriplex is one of the few supplements that contain both collagen and glucosamine. Not only that, but Nutriplex has a third potent ingredient, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), also known as methyl sulfone and dimethyl sulfone. Early clinical data on MSM suggests that it offers benefits, particularly for the treatment of oxidative stress and osteoarthritis. Check the references in the end of the article if you want to learn more about it. So we have three cartilage-protecting ingredients combined in one supplement. This is the only supplement of its kind , at least to my knowledge.

The second reason is the price. I would have to pay a lot more money if I was to get the same ingredients from three different supplements! And you can save even more money if you buy in bulk like. To my knowledge, Tower-Health offers the best prices whether buying in bulk or individual bottles.

Has my condition improved?
As aforementioned, I have been taking nutriplex for about three months now. During the first month I didn’t notice any kind of improvement. However, this started to change after the second month when I did observe some gradual improvement. Now, three months later I can definitely say that I have experienced great improvement. It takes more activity until the pain starts to kick in and I would say that pain levels (when in peak) are reduced by about 50 %.

I can say that  I am very happy with the results so far. Yeah, my knees haven’t healed and I don’t expect them to do unless a new revolutionary treatment comes. However, I am in much less pain now and I am sure that Nutriplex will add a few extra years before I need knee surgery again.

Please note that I plan to continue taking this supplement for the rest of my life and I plan to update my review at least once after another 3 months or so.


nutriplex label description

Adverse effects or contra-indications?
All the ingredients in Nutriplex are safe and have no known serious adverse effects. However, Nutriplex might produce certain interactions with the following medications:

  • Warfarin: Risk of bleeding risk might increase when NutriPlex plus is used with Warfarin.
  • Diabetic medications: The effectiveness of oral hypogylcemics might be reduced due to glucosamine component of NutriPlex PLUS Joint Formula.

My advise as always to consult your doctor before taking any supplement, especially if you are on some kind of prescribed medicine.

Does it have any other ingredients?
Yes, other than glucosamine, collagen and MSM nutriplex plus also has some “support elements” that increase absorption and overall health. These are are Vitamins A, D, E, C B6 & B12, Thiamin, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Riboflavin, Phosphorous, Niacin, Folacin, Biotin, Panthotenic Acid, Magnesium, Iodine, Silicon, Manganese.

What about the taste
When mixed with water, it has a lemon-like taste. Nothing special, not bad or good. I usually chug it right away.

The Final Verdict
Nutriplex plus is for people with joint problems like osteoarthritis. I don’t know for other joints but at least it worked for my knees. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work on other joints as well. Furthermore, there is sufficient clinical proof that the three ingredients found in the powder of this supplement (glucosamine, collagen & methylsulfonylmethane) have chondro-protective and possibly repairing properties.

Overall, I highly suggest you to try out this product. Just one tip, don’t expect quick results, give it some time first (about 6 weeks) and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions about the product and I will be happy to reply.

Where To Buy
There are many places and stores that have this supplement for sale. However, if you want to get it for the best possible price you should order it from Tower-Health who is the official vendor. Just use the link below:


-> Order Nutriplex Plus Supplement <-

1) Frestedt, J. L., Walsh, M., Kuskowski, M. A., and Zenk, J. L. A natural mineral supplement provides relief from knee osteoarthritis symptoms: a randomized controlled pilot trial. Nutr J 2008;7:9.
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Review of Dr Gaye’s Super Blend & Super Spoonful

So, about a month ago I decided to begin a low carb diet (I will get a bit of topic now!). It is a variation of the slow carb-diet described in the 4-hour body by Tim Ferris, with some small changes of mine. Essentially, I cheat only once every 15 days and contrary to the author’s advice I eat one fruit every day. Oh yes, I have switched milk to kefir which contains less sugar and is more keto-friendly. All this, combined with some aerobic exercise (10-20 minutes) everyday.

So far so good, I have lost about 10 pounds, although I suspect that much of it is water weight.

Now, back to the topic of this post. Prior to starting my diet I decided to get my hands on two of the shakes offered by Dr Gaye. Why? Well, one of the problems with low carb diets is that they are poor in certain minerals and vitamins, and this is why it’s a good idea to combine them with multivitamins and supplements. I am strong believer that nutrients from pills are not well-absorbed and this is why I opted for a shake.

The two shakes in this review (super blend & super spoonful) seemed perfect, being rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals while very low in carbs and calories.

The price is also very good, so it’s a win-win. Next time I will probably order the multipack which is even cheaper. I know some might say that 30 $ for 40 servings is expensive but for me it’s an ok price, in the past I have paid the same or even more for “simpler” products, like protein shakes.

some of the ingredients in gayes shakes

Some of the Ingredients in Gayes Shakes

In case you wonder, all Dr. Gaye’s products are gluten free and suitable for vegans.

So now let me talk a bit about my experience with these two products after using them for a month:


The two shakes arrived relatively fast in my door, after 5 working days I think. Not super fast, but definitely ok for my standards.

Dr gayes super blendDr Gaye’s Super Blend Review
As aforementioned, I got 2 products, the “super blend” and the “super spoonful”. I used them (and still do) alternately, every morning, mixing them with my kefir.

Let me first start with the super blend. This one is a powder, you just mix it with something (water, milk, whatever) and drink it. You can click here if you want to see the full list of ingredients and the product’s nutritional value. If you do, you will see it’s a crazy mixture of all kinds of nuts, seeds, mushrooms and other things! Surely a superfood.

I would describe the flavour (when blended with kefir) as a pleasant nutty kind of thing. Not a super-wow taste but certainly a nice addition to my kefir.

Now to the next blend…

dr gayes super spoonful photoDr Gaye’s Super Spoonful
Unlike the previous blend which is a powder, this is more of a healthy snack combination, including raw mulberries, Incan berries,apricot kernels, coconut chips, sunflower seeds to name a few. This snack is a true vitamin anti-oxidant punch. Again, you can click here for a full list of ingredients and nutrients.

I found this snack to be really delicious! The combination of all the tastes is awesome. I really loved crunching it with my kefir. And to be honest, I loved eating it straight out of the packet 🙂

If you are unsure of which product to choose, definitely go for the super spoonful. You will love it!


Post Update
A few weeks after writing this review I ended up buying & trying the super porridge product. Now all that’s left for me to try is the super shake! I will make another update when I give it try it.

photo of super porridgeSuper Porridge
Like the other two blends, this one is also packed with many amazing ingredients like coconut flour, ground almonds, milled flaxseed, lucuma, maca, banana powder and Mulberries. Click here if you want to see a full list of the ingredients.

This one has a really unique (in a good way) texture, maybe due to the coconut flour? Who knows! The flavor and taste is also unique and somewhat bananish. I tried it with some greek yogurt, the two make an awesome pair!


The final Verdict!
All of Gaye’s products were delicious and a great addition to my new diet, packing all the anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals I need for a very good price. I will order again and that says it all! Overall, I am a very happy customer.

If you are looking for a healthy, superfood-like addition to your diet than Dr Gaye’s blends are for you!

Where to buy
To my knowledge, Dr Gaye’s shakes are exclusively available for purchase online, through the official website. Maybe you can find them in shops and stores but probably for a more costly price.

If you are unsure of which blend to choose, I recommend you to buy the “super spoonful”, you can thank me later! Certainly a nice start. Now, if you are more convinced, better go for the multipack and save yourself some bucks!

By the way, the website has some very cool recipes. I didn’t try any (yeah, I am lazy!) but they sure look great and you might want to give ’em a try! Here’s one of them:

hawaian smooth dr gaye

You can click here if you want to see how to prepare the smoothie above or other cool recipes.


Dr Morgaine Gaye, creator of the products featured hereA few words about Dr Morgaine Gaye and the ingredients
In case you are curious, Dr Gaye (photo) is a senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University and academic mentor at Central St Martins teaching branding and marketing, food trend research and consumer behavior. She is also involved in public and private lectures/seminars, keynote speaking, academic research and publications, journalistic insights into food trends and helps established companies to revive their food brands. Sidenote, love the haircut 🙂

All of Dr Gaye products contain raw, unprocessed ingredients. All ingredients are organic, grain-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free. According to the manufacturer, they are ideal for special diets like mine and others, such as Paleo, raw, 5:2, Bullet Proof, and alkaline.

Circulation Pro Review

extensive review of the circulation pro leg deviceSuffering by poor circulation in your legs, narrowing of the leg veins, aching legs or pain in your ankles? Perhaps you have mobility problems or recovering from knee surgery? If any of the above applies to you then you probably want to continue reading..

In today’s review I will present you a new, clinically tried and easy to use device called Circulation Pro.

This device can improve your lower leg circulation, reduce swelling, relieve pain and help you to gain additional mobility through a combination of neuromuscular electrical stimulation and mild calf pump exercises.

Now let’s see the device in more detail..

What Is Circulation Pro And How Does It Work?
As aforementioned, the main purpose of the device is to improve blood circulation and relieve pain and muscle stiffness in your legs. It achieves this by using the clinical proven effectiveness of neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapy. When you use it, the device sends small electrical pulses through the soles of your feet.

The electrical therapy stimulates the nerve endings which results in an increased blood flow and pain relief. Furthermore, the electrical currents have been found to stimulate the damaged tissue and activate the body’s natural healing response. Other positive effects include:

  • Tense muscles relax
  • Stiff joints flex freely again
  • Swelling reduction.


image showing how circulation pro works

But Does It Really Work?
As always, this is the golden question. Circulation Pro is a certified Class 2a medical device that has been clinically assessed to ensure its safety and effectiveness. Clinical trials on patients who were seated for 4 hours or more have shown that the use of Circulation Pro significantly increases venous blood flow in the lower legs and feet, using the mild electrical stimulation of the plantar foot muscles and the calf pumps.

Circulation pro effects before and after

These two scans show the legs of two patients, before and after electrical stimulation. Purple and blue colors represent colder areas and subsequently blood circulation. In both cases, the blood circulation has greatly increased after the therapy session.

How Is Circulation Pro Different from Other Circulation Booster Devices? 
What makes Circulation Pro stand out from the competition is that it is the only device of its kind to feature independent foot pedals, that can further help you gently but effectively increase blood circulation through calf pump exercise. These calf exercises provide a mild exercise and are perfect for anyone recovering from injuries or with mobility problems.

Research has shown that calf pump exercises alone for 10 minutes a day can stimulate an increase in blood flow. Combined with the EMS stimulation from the electrical conductive foot plates, it is guaranteed that you will see great results in regards to circulation, swelling in the ankles and feet and generally achieve a feeling of healthier and more energized legs.


circulation pro pedals in action

How Long Does Each Treatment Cycle Lasts and How Often Can I Use the Device?
Each treatment lasts 30 minutes. The device comes with a LED countdown timer on the display so you can see how much time has elapsed and how much time you have left. For an extra soothing boost, you can also attach the included TENS gel pads to any part of your legs (or other body part).

There is no limit in the therapies you can have and since the device is portable (works with batteries & AC adapter) you can use it from the comfort of your house or your office.

How Long Until I See Results?
The greatest thing about circulation pro is that in most cases the results – at least in regards to pain relief – are immediate. As for long term results, it all depends on the original problem and how often you use the device. In general, the more the better!

Is Circulation Pro For Me?
Clinical data shows that Circulation Pro is an effective solution for:

  • Swollen feet and ankles
  • Tired and aching legs
  • Stiff joints and aching muscles
  • Improving mobility (e.g. after knee surgery)
  • Recovering from a broken hip, femur etc

If you are recovering from any kind of invasive surgery please contact the manufacturer first or ask your doctor if it is ok to use the device.

Some of the accessories that come with circulation pro

Money Back Guarantee
Another great thing I like about the device is that it comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your results you can return it and get all your money back. Just make sure to keep the original package and any accompanying accessories!

What Do People Say About Circulation Pro?
After doing some research, I could find nothing but positive reviews about the device.  Here is what a few people have said about the product:

“I’m diabetic and conscious of circulation in my legs. This really takes the pain away instantly. Fantastic!” Henry, Edinburgh  

“The Circulation Pro helps tremendously with aches and pains, particularly in my hands and feet. I find the treatment benefits me greatly” Mrs M. B. Worcester 

“WOW! I used it the same day I received it and feel absolutely great already. A great product” Edward, Whitechapel  

“It was worth every penny. To be able to power it by batteries when away from home, even when taking a break during very long journeys is a real bonus and must lessen the risk of DVT. Simply wonderful.”Elizabeth, Merseyside

-> Click Here for More Reviews <-

Side Effects
There are no reported side effects from the use of the device. However, it is advised to avoid using the device without a doctor’s consultation if you belong to any of the following groups:

  • You have a pacemaker fitted or have a cardiac condition
  • Epilepsy
  • Sensory nerve damage
  • Extreme varicose (enlarged) veins
  • Pregnant or recent birth


Here’s a re-cap of the advantages Circulation Pro has to offer:

  • Helps reduce swelling in the ankles and feet with immediate pain relief
  • No known side-effects
  • 2 months money back satisfaction guarantee
  • The only device of its kind with individual pedals for calf pump exercises
  • Clinically tried and proven effectiveness
  • Comes with 4 TENS gel pads to target extra areas of pain
  • Fully portable, uses both batteries and AC
  • No known side effects

My final thoughts – Should you buy it?
Overall, I believe Circulation Pro is a great device and a great option for anyone suffering from leg pain, muscle soreness, ankle pains etc. Furthermore, unlike many other similar devices out in the market, it is the only of its kind to offer individual pedals for calf-pumps for even better results.

To sum up, clinically proven effectiveness, no reported side-effects and a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the device.  As always, the final choice is up to you!

Where To Buy
There are many places and stores that have the device for sale. However, if you want to get it for the cheapest possible price than the best place is the official website. Just use the links below:

Click Here To Get Circulation Pro

buy circulation pro best price

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you got a question not covered by my review

Tinnitool Laser Therapy Review

tinnitool in packageDo you belong to the 10-15% of people [1] suffering from Tinnitus and/or related problems, like ear pressure and vertigo? Have you tried natural remedies or supplements with little if any success? Don’t worry if you answered yes to the last question, you are not alone! Actually, only a very small percentage of tinnitus patients finds relief from natural remedies and supplements and in most cases it’s the result of the placebo effect. It’s no coincidence that as of 2014 there are no medications that have been found to be effective for tinnitus and thus none is recommended.

Still, this doesn’t mean you are out of options. Today, I want to present you a medical device called Tinnitool Earlaser. As suggested by it’s name, Tinnitool is a device used for the treatment of Tinnitus. The greatest thing about it is that it has been clinically tried and has been found to be both effective and safe for the treatment tinnitus.

In this review I will present you the device in full detail, along with all its advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, this review will help you decide whether tinnitool is a good option for you or not. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment for any questions you may have!

What is Tinnitool?
Let’s begin with the basics. Tinnitool is a medical device that uses the clinically tested and proven ear low level laser therapy for Tinnitus. The only difference is that it brings it to the comfort and privacy of your own home. The treatment you get is the exact same with the laser therapy offered in hospitals and specialized clinics for hearing problems.

Tinnitool is quite popular and as of today more than 10,000 patients have found relief thanks to it.

How Does It  Work?
Without getting too scientific, Tinnitool uses laser therapy, applying a low level powered laser beam that is sent directly into your inner ear. Don’t worry, your ear won’t fire up! This laser is totally harmless and it actually stimulates the regeneration of hearing cells. Clinical data also suggests that the laser beam boosts the immune system, speeds up cell division and activates the production of a substance called ATP which further enhances the healing response.

As you probably guessed, regenerating the hearing cells results in a relief of your Tinnitus symptoms. This relief however is gradual, don’t expect an overnight miracle.

man wearing tinnitool in his ear

Does it Really Work?

As always, this is the golden question. As of now, there are more than 10 clinical trials and studies showcasing that Tinnitool is an effective and safe treatment for the treatment of Tinnitus. Usually when reviewing a product I place extracts from the clinical studies that test the efficacy of the product in question. However, the company behind Tinnitool has made a great job and collected all the studies in their official website. Just click here if you wish to read them.

If you are too bored or don’t have enough time let me sum them up for you. About 85 % of people who use Tinnitool report relief in their Tinnitus symptoms. About 60 % of them say that their relief was remarkable. 25 % of them report that their tinnitus symptoms are a thing of the past.

What If It Doesn’t Work For Me
In the unfortunate scenario that you happen to be one of the few people that see very little or no relief the company offers a full-money back guarantee. You just return the device and you get your buck…back!

Is Tinnitool for Me?
According to the medical literature, tinnitool is effective in the treatment of following ear-related conditions:

  • Tinnitus (both acute and chronic)
  • Partial deafness due to tinnitus
  • Vertigo
  • Morbus Ménière (dizziness accompanied with hearing and balance problems)
  • Acute hearing loss and hearing distortion
  • Middle ear inflammation
  • Circulatory problems in the inner ear


What Health Experts and Patients say about Tinnitool ?
With more than 10,000 buyers, it’s very easy to find reviews and testimonials about Tinnitool. Here’s what some of them have said about it:

“I had Tinnitus for over 2 years…. When i used Tinnitool over a period of 3 months, I found that my tinnitus disappeared completely.” Dr Gerhard Güther

“Since the age of 16, I had tinnitus and actually already resigned myself to the constant noise in my ear until I tried “Tinnitool”.  My tinnitus has gotten better since. The beeping is less, so I really hardly hear it.  For me, the treatment with “Tinnitool” was a huge success.”  Cristobal Galvez Moreno, from the band “Room2012″

“I want to confirm that my tinnitus under which I have been suffering for 25 years, has vastly improved since the use of your laser device. It is not nearly as loud and intense as before.”  Eugen from Nobel L.

Click here to read more reviews and testimonials

TinniTool is a certified and clinically tested medical device with no known adverse effects. Furthermore, there are no contraindications with other medications or treatments that you may be using.

Tinnitool Advantages
Here is a list of what I think are the main advantages of the device:

  • Clinically tested, unlike many other over-the-counter options
  • Safe and effective, long-lasting treatment for Tinnitus
  • Easy to apply and use
  • No questions asked Money back guarantee if it doesn’t work

Here’s is a comparison of Tinnitool versus some other popular options for tinnitus.


tinnitool vs other popular options for tinnitus

Tinnitool Disadvantages
The only disadvantage I can think of is that the device is the price, the device is a bit expensive. But remember, you get what you pay for. In this case you are getting a high-quality and proven to work medical device. Another “disadvantage” is that it is not a magical, one-day solution.  The improvement is gradual and most patients report great relief after the second week of use.

Is it easy to use? How long do treatments last?
For some of you the device might look like a piece of alien technology! Don’t worry, it’s very easy to use and the package comes with full instructions. You will get the hand of it right away. Each treatment lasts 15-20 minutes per day during which you can do other passive activities thinks, like watching tv, reading a magazine etc..
My final Verdict
Overall, I feel confident to say that you should give Tinnitool a try, especially if you have tried other tinnitus treatments in the past with not much success. Clinically proven effectiveness, safe to use and a money back guarantee make a wonderful deal that is hard to resist. It’s probably the best low level laser therapy you can receive in the comfort of your own home, without visiting a clinic or hospital. Click the link down below if you want to learn more about the device from the official website
buy tinnitoo
– Langguth, B; Kreuzer, PM; Kleinjung, T; De Ridder, D (Sep 2013). “Tinnitus: causes and clinical management.”. Lancet neurology 12 (9): 920–30. doi:10.1016/S1474-4422(13)70160-1. PMID 23948178

Witouch TENS Unit Review

witouch packageWitouch Review

Whether chronic or sudden, back pain is a common and serious problem that affects millions of people all around the globe. In the U.S. alone, acute low back pain (lumbago) is the number 5 reason behind physician visits. About nine out of ten adults report back pain at some point in their life and almost five out of ten working adults take a leave each year due to back pain!

In this review I will show you the Witouch wireless TENS Unit, a device that is cheap, easy to use but most importantly effective in relieving all kinds of back pain, especially lower back pain.

What I think to be the greatest advantage of witouch is that it uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) technology, which multiple clinical trials on humans have shown that it improvides meadite pain relief. The device is cleared by the FDA for over the counter use and readily available from many vendors. The cheapest price I could find was on Amazon, so this is where I suggest you to get it from.

-> Click here to get prices from Amazon  <-

So, now let’s see more details about the Witouch Wireless TENS Unit

What is Witouch and How Does It Work?
Witouch is a medical device that puts a fresh spin on an old tech that has been used in the past decades. The name of this tech is TENS, short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The action of TENS technology is pretty simple and straightforward. In short, it suppresses the transmission of neural messages and increases the production of endorphins, a combo that reduces pain.

Multiple clinical trials have shown that TENS is effective in alleviating all kinds of chronic pain, including backpain, osteoarthritis, muscle pain etc.

What makes Witouch different?
Witouch has been developed by a team of innovative designers, engineers and researchers from Australia in collaboration with a scientific team in Tennessee, USA with only one thing in mind. Comfort!

Unlike other TENS devices, Witouch is the only to use wireless technology instead of bulky wires. Not surprisingly, soon after its release, WiTouch won multiple awards including the “Red Dot: Best of the Best” 2013 award and the award for “Best in Category, Medical & Scientific” at the 2013 Australian International Design Awards.

Is Witouch really effective? Will it relieve my lower back pain?
As I said before, the greatest thing about witouch is that it is built around a method that has been clinically tried. There is no wishful thinking behind it, only clinical trials showing that TENS technology is effective in providing immediate relief to patients with back pain.

For example, a recent 2007 meta-analysis [1] on 39 randomized clinical trials examining the effectiveness of TENS in treating backpain concluded that: “highly significant reduction in pain with the use of TENS compared to placebo controls”.

It’s worth mentioning that TENS is effective in relieving many different ailments. For instance, a 1998 study by Fishbain et. al. [2] on 376 patients found TENS to be effective in relieving pain in patients with diabetes peripheral neuropathy.


this graph shows the effectiveness of witouch in revealing back pain

Witouch side effects
Witouch is 100 % safe with no known side-effects

Witouch Advantages
This is a recap of what I think to be the main advantages of witouch:

  • Clinically tested effectiveness
  • FDA approved
  • Comes with an output intensity that is 20% higher than the average TENS device
  • Covers a surface that is 2.5 times larger than similar devices
  • Flexible and compact design, giving you the freedom to use the device discreetly during daily activities or when working
  • Energy efficient. The included 2xAAA batteries are enough to give about 150 treatments before needing a recharge
  • No side effects



wear witouch discreetly under your clothes

Witouch can be very discreet

Witouch Disadvantages
The only disadvantage I can think of is the price. Cheap chinese TENS devices start from 30-40$ whereas witouch starts from 80$. I think the price difference is more than justified considering the quality of the materials and the comfort of use that come with witouch.

Witouch Unboxing

What do people say about witouch?
A quick look over the comments over amazon reveals that most customers are more than happy with their purchase. Here a few comments taken straight out of amazon:

I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and frequently use a tens unit for pain relief. “Although the tens helps relieve my pain naturally I have always hated using them because of the wires involved. A real pain !! I have been wearing this hollywog every day since I got it. The unit attaches to your back and is light and controlled by a small remote and is completely wireless. It is awesome!! I wear it constantly. Highly recommend!!”

  “Love the freedom from wires! It stays in place on low back which it is designed for. Witouch relieved my pain.

“Really saved. My last trip, so easy to use, I wish I had found this earlier.”


Approximately 10 % of the comments say that the relief was minimal or non-existent. Still there is no problem, as there is a return policy for customers who experience little or no relief. Here is a related comment:

“Great return policy, good company. It didn’t really work for me. Pain seemed a little less while device was on but returns as soon as it is removed…for me.”

My Final Thoughts. Should you give witouch a try?
As I said before, Witouch is not the only TENS device out in the market. However, it is the only TENS unit to use wireless technology. If you are looking for an easy to use TENS unit that comes with no cords, straps or whatever then I think witouch is definitely for you. Most patients report both significant and immediate pain relief so I can’t find a reason why you shouldn’t give it a try, especially considering that it comes with a return policy.

Just click the button if you want to learn more about witouch or to order it:


order witouch

– Johnson M, & Martinson M (2007). Efficacy of electrical nerve stimulation for chronic musculoskeletal pain: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Pain, 130 (1-2), 157-65 PMID: 17383095
– Julka IS, Alvaro M, & Kumar D (1998). Beneficial effects of electrical stimulation on neuropathic symptoms in diabetes patients. The Journal of foot and ankle surgery : official publication of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, 37 (3), 191-4 PMID: 9638542

TheraSnore MouthGuard Review

therasnore anti-snoring mouthguard

Therasnore, the best selling anti-snoring mouthguard

Therasnore Review

If you are a frequent snorer or suffer from sleep apnoea then you truly understand and appreciate the value of a good night’s sleep. These two problems are actually quite common and not fun to deal with, not only by the sufferer but also the ones trying to sleep near him!

In this review, I want to present you a product called Therasnore. Therasnore is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that is cheap, easy to use, effective and can provide substantial relief to people suffering from snoring and apnea. The best thing about it is that it is clinically tried [1,2] and approved both by the FDA and the NHS (UK’s National Health Service), with the latter supplying it to numerous hospitals that fall under its jurisdiction.

I should also mention that Therasnore comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work then you can get your buck back! With all the aforementioned in mind, it doesn’t surprise me that Therasnore is actually the number 1 stop-snoring mouthguard sold over the world, with more than 1 million happy customers in the past decade.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions not covered by my review or if you want to say your opinion!

So, after this short summary of Therasnore, let me present it to you in full-detail:

What is Therasnore and How Does it Work?
In simple words, Therasnore is a mouthpiece that you place in your mouth just before going to bed. Usually, snoring occurs when the jaw and tongue relax and “fall” back while you sleep. This narrows the airway of your throat which in turn increases the friction between the air you breath and the soft tissues of your throat, causing the loud and annoying sound we call snoring.

Therasnore works by attacking snoring at its source. It prevents your jaw and tongue from falling back and as a result reduces or totally eliminates snoring. Pretty simple, isn’t it? If you want to know more details about how therasnore works please click here.

How to adjust Therasnore
One of Therasnore’s advantages is that – unlike the competition – is fully adjustable. The device features 5 different adjustable settings on the expandable piece and provides a comfortable fit regardless the size of your mouth. The soft edges ensure that the patient sleeps peacefully with little if any discomfort.  Some customers say that the device feels “weird” at first, but most of them report that they get used to it after a couple of nights.


therasnore promo discount

Is Therasnore effective ?
This is of course the golden question. If we take the word of the official website then TheraSnore is “93% effective in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea (for mild to moderate)”. However, after having a careful look over the medical literature and clinical trials, I found this number to be between 80 to 85 %. You can check the references at the end of the review if you want to read them yourself.

I believe that an 80-85 % success ratio is very good especially if you consider the fact that you have a 30-days money back satisfaction guarantee. This means  that you have a whole month to test the product without any actual monetary risk.

What do users say about Therasnore ?
Thanks to its popularity, it is very easy to find testimonials and comments from people who have tried Therasnore. The vast majority of them come from satisfied customers. Here are just a few that I selected in random:

“Finally a device that works  Once fitted and comfortable this device worked strait away. “ Roy Blanchette, UK

“This works really well so happy  Sleep so much better now, the missus is still in the same room as me in the morning so must be working. “ Andrew Mcleman, UK

“Use Therasnore for Nomoresnore!  I purchased Therasnore which arrived on time and found the instructions quite straitfoward and the fitting fairly easy. I did however, have to alter the position a couple of times to find the right position for me and also lengthen the lingual post to stop my jaw from dropping back. After a few days of getting use to the device my snoring has stopped to such an extent that my wife can now get an none interrupted sleep. I would absolutely recommend Therasnore to anyone who has a snoring problem and wants to solve it.” Michael Bradshaw

Click Here to Read More Testimonials

Cleaning and Maintenance
TheraSnore is something you will be putting in your mouth every time you go to bed so it’s a no brainer that you should keep it clean to avoid any nasty bacteria infections. The package comes complete with it owns cleaning tablets, an 8 or 16 month supply pack  depending on your order. You don’t have to worry about buying extra cleaning tabs. But I want to emphasize it again. Keep your device clean, otherwise you may end up with anything ranging from bad breath to a serious oral infection.

These are the cleaning tabs that come with therasnore

The included cleaning tabs

Side Effects
There are no dangerous side effects reported by short or long term use of Therasnore. Some patients find difficult to sleep with it at first. Most of them get used to it after a couple of nights.

Some Product History
In case you wonder, the product was designed by Dr. Thomas E. Meade together with his wife Caroline Meade. The two of them later founded Distar LLC, a research company for medical appliances related to dentistry, snoring and sleep apnea. The first version of the adjustable TheraSnore was presented in 1997, in the American Dental Association. Since then, the mouth appliance has undergone many revisions and upgrades to increase efficiency and comfort.

My final Thoughts – Should you buy Therasnore or not?
So, should you buy it or what? Let’s first see a re-cap of therasnore’s main advantages:

  • Approved by the FDA and NHS
  • Used by doctors in many NHS hospitals for the treatment of sleeping apnoea
  • Multiple clinical trials have assessed that it is an effective and safe product
  • 30-days money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • 1-year guarantee of good function (you get a replacement)


To be honest, the only disadvantage I could think about Therasnore is its price. However, the company behind it recently launched a huge discount campaign and now sells it at £49.95, instead of the usual £79.95. Please note that this is a time limited offer. Most snoring-mouthguards have a price around that price range, but none has the benefits of Therasnore.

Overall, I think that Therasnore is a perfect anti-snoring option, whether you have tried other anti-snoring devices in the past or not. It is medically endorsed and comes with a money-back guarantee, giving you a peace of mind that even if it doesn’t work you can simply return it and get a refund. For 50 pounds, it’s probably the best snore guard you can get. Give it a try and you and your family could soon be enjoying a peaceful, full night’s sleep.

There are many therasnore resellers, so if you want to get it for the best possible price I suggest you to get it straight from the official site! Just use any of the links below:

Click Here To Get Therasnore

stop snoring with thera snore today


1 – Cooke ME, & Battagel JM (2006). A thermoplastic mandibular advancement device for the management of non-apnoeic snoring: a randomized controlled trial. European journal of orthodontics, 28 (4), 327-38 PMID: 16772315
2 – Soichiro Miyazaki, Yoshiaki Itasaka, Hiroyuki Tads (2006). Efficiency of TheraSnore in the Treatment of Sleep Apnea